Tosa Tadayoshi 270mm Tosa Sobakiri - Aogami 2 1/1

Rustic Tosa style sobakiri hand forged (double bevel) iron clad aogami 2 with ho handle and PC ferrule.
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Steel Type iron clad aogami 2
Handle Material oval Ho PC ferrule
Weight 720 grams
Height at Heel 123mm
Overall Length 510mm
Cutting Edge Length 277mm
HRC 62/63

Hand forged knives from the Tosa area of Shikoku Island, Japan's least populated island with a long history of smithing. Shikoku's thick forests, agriculture and fisheries have led to a local style of smithing that is characterized by rustic free forged knives and tools. Many Tosa knives are ryoba style; forged and ground symmetrically and are suitable for both right and left hand users. 

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