Tojiro 165mm Wa Nakiri - Shirogami - Kurouchi

Tojiro 165mm Nakiri. Shirogami 2 carbon steel and iron cladding with kurouchi finish. D shaped ho wood handle with PC ferrule.
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Steel Type Shirogami 2 Carbon Steel
Handle Material Japanese Magnolia with PC ferrule.
Weight 150 grams
Height at Heel 52mm
Overall Length 303mm
Cutting Edge Length 165mm

Shirogami is a reactive carbon steel. It should be mentioned that extra care is required, as the core is not stainless and should be dried immediately after use. It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

Tojiro was founded in 1953 in Niigata and have been making affordable, high-quality knives ever since. They are one of the largest knife makers in Japan. They utilize a variety of steels in their knives, stainless and carbon, and both traditional Japanese knives and Western style double bevel knives are available.

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