1000 Hard Yellow Marble Ceramic Japanese Whetstone

Hard 1000 grit yellow marble stone that is very fast cutting and well suited to bring up an edge on a fairly dull edge. These work on a variety of knife and grind styles but are our go to stone for fast work on wear resistant double bevel knives. The scra
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Bernal Cutlery Takarazukushi ceramic stones are made in Japan with alumina and zircon abrasive particles that are baked with ceramics creating a fused porous stone. Harder Takarazukushi stones tend to cut deeper and faster than the semi-soft stones on double bevel knives made with wear resistant steels. Semi-soft Takarazukushis stones cut wide bevels very nicely and leave shallower easier to finish scratches than the harder stones however both hard and semi-soft work on both. 

Ceramic stones will not come apart with longer soaking periods (although water should be changed) resinoid stones should not be left to soak indefinitely, and both should be allowed  to  dry outside of sun and wind and not allowed to freeze wet. 

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