Tagai Sanjo 165mm Santoku Stainless Clad Shiro 2 Hinoura & Hosokawa -Oak / Wenge Handle

Stainless clad, carbon core santoku knife with oak & wenge handle and rustic finish. Made from a collaboration between Mutsumi Hinoura & Takashi Hosokawa from Gehei. Handmade in Sanjo, Japan.
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Steel Type Stainless Clad Shirogami 2
Handle Material Oak/Wenge
Weight 172g
Height at Heel 47mm
Overall Length 312mm
Cutting Edge Length 175mm

Tagai knives are a collaboration born in Sanjo Niigata featuring the smithing of several well respected Sanjo blacksmiths; Mutsumi Hinoura and Takashi Hosokawa (from Gihei). 

These are forged in stainless clad shirogami 2 with a kurouchi finish, they have the classic Sanjo geometry with strong distal taper and a square leaning oak and wenge octagonal handle, also made in Sanjo specifically for this series. 

The shirogami in the core is expertly forged and heat treated, they have a fabulous blend of easy sharpening, fine edge formation and good edge life for shirogami 2 along with a much easier maintenance with their stainless cladding. 

*This knife has a hard carbon steel core with a stainless steel cladding for added durability. The exposed carbon cutting edge will develop a patina with use, especially with acidic foods. Although the majority of the blade is corrosion resistant, special attention is needed to keep the exposed carbon core from rusting. Do not leave wet. Hand wash & dry, no dishwasher. Hardwood-end grain or softwood long grain cutting boards are preferred; avoid bamboo and plastic cutting boards. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive.

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