Jikko 155mm Kiritsuke Wa Bunka R2 Stainless Powder Metal

Jikko 165mm kiritsuke bunka knife with stainless R2 powder steel core. Octagon Japanese magnolia (ho) wood handle with water buffalo horn ferrule.
Steel Type R2 Powder Metal
Handle Material Ho Wood & Water Buffalo Horn
Weight 119 Grams
Height at Heel 47 mm
Overall Length 312mm
Cutting Edge Length 165mm
HRC 63-64

Jikko's R2 series offers excellent edge life and a great cutting feel with their thinly ground stainless R2 powder metal core blades. R2 has decently easy sharpening and good edge formation for a steel of its hardness. The finish and grinding is excellent on these knives, the kiritsuke tip offers fine detail capabilities, and the blade’s deeper belly keeps the tip from jamming into the cutting board as easily as a flatter kiritsuke can.

Jikko is a family business established in 1901 in Sakai City, Osaka and has extensive relationships with traditional craftsman in Sakai.  From basic to top shelf, Jikko knives are always sharpened by hand in the Jikko workshop, either by the head of the head of Jikko or under his supervision, maintaining very high quality control. On single bevel knives, special care is taken to provide a flat, fine-polished ura (side opposite omote bevel).


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