Mizuno Jigata Hand Axe Curved Burnt Kanto Oak Handle

Japanese carbon tool steel carving axe with a rustic finish and dark oak handle. Comes with leather sheath.
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Steel Type Carbon
Handle Burnt Kanto Oak
Head Height 106mm
Head Length 131mm
Overall Length 357mm
Handle Thickness 20mm
Sheath Leather
Weight 817g

These axes draw on the toolmaking lineage of heavily forested Niigata, hand made in Sanjo Niigata at the Mizuno Seisakujo works under the supervision of dentoukougeishi blacksmith Isao Mizuno. These are forged from tool steel core treated to offer both toughness and good edge formation. 

The middle weight Jigata axe's unique head shape allows you to grip directly behind the cutting edge for ultimate control while carving.

It is important to not these meant to be used against stones or with excessive force, while not excessively hardened, their edges are harder than many western axes and will not tolerate misuse. 

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