Sakai Kikumori 165mm Wa Nakiri - Shirogami 1 - Kurouchi

Sakai Kikumori 165mm Wa Nakiri with hand forged iron clad shirogami 1 blade with kurochi finish.
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Steel Type Shirogami 1 / Iron Clad
Handle Material Ho Wood & Water Buffalo Horn
Weight 158 grams
Height at Heel 55mm
Overall Length 321mm
Cutting Edge Length 162mm
HRC 63-64

Hand forged iron clad shirogami 1 with kurouchi finish from the forge. Forged and ground thin for smooth cutting and easy sharpening but with a stiff substantial feel and generous height and a full belly.

Shirogami 1 is the highest carbon content shirogami family steel. Shirogami steels are very pure steels capable of taking very fine edges, shirogami 1 with it's high carbon content (~1.4%) has the longest edge life of the shirogami steels. Easy sharpening and amazing cutting feel, a sharpeners dream.

It should be mentioned that extra care is required, blade is not stainless and should be dried immediately after use. It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

Sakai Kikumori was started in 1926 and draws on Sakai's 600 year history as the major center of traditional Japanese cutlery manufacturing. They work with a large variety of Sakai's best smiths, sharpeners and small factories to offer a wide variety of knives ranging from traditional materials and styles to more modern, western influenced styles and materials.

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