K Sabatier 8" / 20cm Boucher Carbon Steel Beech Handle

K Sabatier 8" Boucher butchers knife. Carbon steel blade with riveted beech wood handle.
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Steel Type XC75 - Carbon
Handle Material Beech
Weight 5.8 oz
Height at Heel 1 5/8”
Overall Length 13”
Cutting Edge Length 8”
HRC 54-56

K Sabatier 8" Boucher. Carbon steel blade with riveted beech wood handle. Keep dry to avoid rust. No Dishwasher.

French 'boucher' butcher knives are used similarly to a scimitar or bullnose butcher knives; large cuts, slicing chops and steaks. The design of this knife dates back to the middle ages and is still used extensively in southern Europe and France.

Since 1834, K Sabatier has been the dedicated brand of Sabatier Aine & Perrier, a family cutlery business started by Philippe Sabatier in the early 1800’s. The business has been passed down 8 generations, and has remained located in the hills of Thiers, France in the village of Bellevue. They continue to run their company with pride and precision, keeping all aspects of the manufacturing process within the area of Thiers.

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