Jikko 300mm Sori Kiritsuke Yanagi - Ginsanko - Mirror Polish - Ebony/Nickel/Corian/Micarta

Jikko 300mm Sori Kiritsuke Yanagi. Ginsanko stainless steel with soft stainless steel cladding and mirror polish. Octagon ebony, nickel, corian and micarta handle.
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Steel Type Ginsanko
Handle Material Ebony/Nickel/Corian/Micarta
Weight 311g
Height at Heel 40mm
Overall Length 457mm
Cutting Edge Length 299mm

Jikko's Ginsanko (silver 3) stainless steel has excellent forging and heat treatment making for a very fine edge and smooth sharpen-ability. Ginsanko is a fine grained, high carbon content (1% + carbon), low chromium (13%) stainless steel with the cutting and sharpening feel of a carbon steel, but less maintenance with regard to reactivity. Although it won’t rust, keep dry when not in use to preserve edge life. It should be noted that the nickel spacers edges can be felt along with the handle.

Jikko is a family business established in 1901 in Sakai City, Osaka and has extensive relationships with traditional craftsman in Sakai.  From basic to top shelf, Jikko knives are always sharpened by hand in the Jikko workshop, either by the head of the head of Jikko or under his supervision, maintaining very high quality control. On single bevel knives, special care is taken to provide a flat, fine-polished ura (side opposite omote bevel).

Stainless steel is durable and resistant to rust and patina, but maintain with care. Hand wash & dry, no dishwasher. Hardwood-end grain or softwood long grain cutting boards are preferred; avoid bamboo and plastic cutting boards.

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