Jikko 270mm Yanagi 'Montan'- Aogami #2 - Ho Octagon

Hand forged 270mm aogami #2 yanagi with octagonal ho and horn ferrule. 
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Jikko Montan series represent top shelf Sakai craftsmanship, Shiraki Hamono is headed by Satoshi Nakagawa who is a very talented young smith, his knives are always characterized by a very easy sharpening, fine edge formation, good toughness and great edge life. Many people say aogami is more difficult to sharpen than shirogami but not with Nakagawa-san's forging. 

Jikko was established in 1901 in Sakai City Osaka and has extensive relationships with traditional craftsman in Sakai.  From basic to top shelf Jikko knives are always sent sharpened by hand with with nice work done on the edges with special care to provide a flat fine polished ura (side opposite omote bevel).

Handforged in Sakai, Jikko knives are sourced from a wide range of smiths and grinders and finished by hand with whetstones in the Jikko workshop either by the head of the Jikko company or under his supervision who maintains very high quality controls from the starter series up to the honyaki. Jikko is a family business established in 1901 and has deep roots in the Sakai knife making world, they have largely focused on the Japanese market until recently and we are proud to be one of the first shops to offer their knives outside of Japan.

Carbon steel will develop a patina with use, especially with acidic foods. Special attention is needed to keep from rusting. Do not leave wet. Hand wash & dry, no dishwasher. Hardwood-end grain or softwood long grain cutting boards are preferred; avoid bamboo and plastic cutting boards. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive.

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