Dao Vua 210x90mm Heavy Cleaver - Hand Forged Carbon Steel

Dao Vua 210mm Heavy cleaver. Hand forged carbon steel with round hardwood handle. These will be sent with a fresh edge at no extra charge.
Steel Type Carbon
Handle Material Wood
Weight 546 grams
Height at Heel 93 mm
Overall Length 325 mm
Cutting Edge Length 200 mm

Hand forged in Vietnam with carbon steel and handled with local hardwoods, these mono-steel knives cut nicely and sharpen super easily. These rustic style knives are a great value, it should be mentioned that they have slight imperfections; edges are not perfectly straight, sharp corners etc. Not withstanding these are enjoyable thin springy carbon steel knives.

Carbon steel will develop a patina with use, especially with acidic foods. Special attention is needed to keep from rusting. Do not leave wet. Hand wash & dry, no dishwasher. Hardwood-end grain or softwood long grain cutting boards are preferred; avoid bamboo and plastic cutting boards. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive.


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14 Jan 2020
Love this cleaver most solid dao vua in my collection cuts through ducks five days a week no issue