'Special Edition' 140mm Honesuki Kaku Aogami Super Oak & Richlite Stainless Spacer

Blenheim Forge Special Edition 140mm Honesuki Kaku. Aogami Super carbon steel core with mild steel cladding. Oak wood octagon handle & Richlite Stainless Spacer.
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approx. 160grams, 138mm cutting edge, 43mm wide at heel, tapering from 4.5mm, 270mm overall length

Forged, ground and handles made by hand at the Blenheim Forge works in Peckham South London. Blenheim Forge knives are made with Japanese aogami super tungsten carbon steel and English woods and handle materials. 

Their aogami super is characterized by a nice sharpenability and good cutting feel and edge life at medium and fine finishes (3000 to 6000+ Japanese grit scale)

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