Aoto Natural Stones Medium Fine Grit 1500-1599 Grams

Medium hard reddish Tanba aoto with smooth homogeneous grit assorted stones weighing 1500-1599 grams.
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Medium hard reddish Tanba aoto with smooth homogeneous grit (for an aoto) that cut from approx 2000 grit with a lot of water to around 3-4000K with dry worked slurry and light pressure. Sizes vary with weight but start at around 200x60x50mm.

These stones are mostly free from large veins of kawa (hard mineral seams) although there are some small bits here and there. They are priced low as they are not individually graded and listed separately (saving us time and you $$) as such there might be small fissures or bits of kawa to pick out. These stones are worth it though, they have a great smooth mellow mud and sharpen very nicely.

Great toothy polish for debas, butchery knives, certain Japanese and many western stainless knives and harder feeling treatments of aogami super or as a pre-polish for other finer natural or synthetic stones. Like other stones it can be used in combination with other finishing stones such as one side with this aoto and a fine 8000 on the opposite bevel to create a fine but bitey edge or to extend edge life on a fine finish.  

*Note the stones you receive will vary from the ones in the photos, they will be of the same weight  and from the mines mentioned. These are not individually graded and listed to keep the price reasonable,  for  individually listed and graded stones see our other listings.

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