About Us

Bernal Cutlery was established in 2005 by Josh Donald and Kelly Kozak in Bernal Heights, San Francisco, and now has locations in the Mission district and in Oakland. We are a full-service cutlery shop, offering sharpening services,Japanese and European knives, vintage knives, outdoor and pocket knives, cooking tools and accessories, knife skills and sharpening classes, and more.

Bernal Cutlery’s primary focus is on importing handmade and smaller run factory production knives. From Japan, we are proud to offer knives imported directly from Japan from Yoshikazu Ikeda, Ashi Hamono, Konosuke, Sakai Kikumori, Mutsumi Hinoura, Tsukasa Hinoura, Yoshikane, Jikko, Tojiro, MAC knife, among others.

From Europe, we have knives from K Sabatier, an 8th generation cutler in Thiers, France, as well as from the Robert Herder company, whose Windmuehlenmesser brand knives are made in Solingen, Germany, utilizing highly skilled hand grinding techniques that have been nearly abandoned in Solingen in favor of large scale machine production. From the United States, we are happy to stock Shi•Han knives, Silverthorn Knives, & Dexter Russell.

For outdoor adventurers, we have Scandanavian knives from Iisakki Jarvenpaa and Helle, Benchmade knives, Victorinox Swiss Army, Opinel, and a revolving selection of Laguiole and other regional French folding styles.

Vintage and antique knives are another specialty of Bernal Cutlery; vintage culinary knives from around the world as well as pocket and outdoor knives are always in supply, as well as reasonably priced second hand kitchen knives. Come check out the bargain bin!

In addition to knives, we stock a full line of Japanese natural and synthetic whetstones, leather and cork strops, knife rolls, aprons, kitchen tools, and cookbooks.

All new knives sold at Bernal Cutlery come with a free follow-up sharpening. We can always go over the basics with you in the shop, as we are generally always sharpening in the shop, for a more in-depth look into sharpening take a look at our sharpening classes.


San Francisco Location


Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Oakland Location


Same as SF Location, CLOSED TUESDAYS