Yoshikazu Ikeda Honyaki 300mm Yanagi Oil Quench Shirogami #3 Ebony with Bone Spacer / Valentines Bigfaka Sale 15% Off

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256 grams 291mm cutting edge tip to heel, 303mm tip to machi, 37mm wide at heel, 447mm overall, 3.5mm thick spine at machi

Master craftsman Yoshikazu Ikeda differentially heat treated single steel “honyaki” (true forged) from Sakai-City Osaka. Yoshikaz...

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Yoshikazu Ikeda is one of the finest smiths in Sakai, we hesitate to use superlatives like best or finest as they can become easlily meaningless if overused. Ikeda-san has been making knives and swords for over 40 years since his early 20's, Ikeda-san became officially recognized as a dentoukougeishi; a traditional craftsman officially recognized by the Japanese government and since 2001 has been the chairman of the association of dentoukougeishi. He forges knives for a select few brands as their top shelf knives, and we are honored to be able to get them in our shop made to order for us. 

Ikeda-san's blades have an amazing and very difficult to combine combination of easy fine edge formation, edge retention and toughness; even great smiths have a hard time getting all three. 

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