Tsukasa Hinoura 210mm Wa-Gyuto 'River Jump' Enju handle

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198 grams 218mm cutting edge, 232mm from tip to machi, tapering from 5mm thick, approx 2.5mm thick at middle of blade, 46mm high at heel 382mm overall.
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Hand forged, finished and sharpened in Sanjo Niigata Japan by third generation knifemaker Tsukasa Hinoura. Hinoura-San uses no modern machinery in the production of his knives, from the forging of the jigane to the final whetstone finish traditional materials and techniques are employed.

Hinoura-San is famous for his heat treatments as well as the beauty of his forging, so much of what a knife does comes down to geometry and heat treatment, both of which are amazingly refined in this series, a distal taper and fine long bevel make for smooth cutting and great edge life. It should be emphasized that these are not stainless and must be kept dry and oiled when not in use.

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