Set of George Butler Cutlery- 10” Carving Knife Table Knife & 2 Forks 1860’s-70’s

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Forks: 8 3/8” approx. overall
Table knife: 11” approx. overall, 6 1/2” cutting edge
Carving knife: 15 1/2” approx. overall, 10 1/4” cutting edge...

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Antique George Butler Trinity works carving knife, table knife and set of forks. Excellent examples of old Sheffield cutlery here. The carving knife is in the old English style with straight blade with a short curved tip with slightly clip point, it has been sharpened in very little and the handle is nice and tight. The table knife and forks possibly pre-date the carving knife but could be contemporaries as well. These style forks and knives typify a mid 19th century style of table wear, with a narrow shouldered long tined fork (three tines as opposed to the older smaller two prong) and long table knife.

This table knife is a more familiar looking variation of the earlier longer round tip table knives that began began their evolution to our modern table knife from the late 15th century French decree that knives used in public must have their tips ground off. Forks began to become more widespread as well at this time as pointed knives were not used to bring food to the mouth anymore. Freshwater was in short supply in those days and alcohol would accompany all meals, stabbings at public houses were apparently enough of a problem to warrant similar laws in England and early table knives started out as long with small round tips used with small two tined forks.

George Butler became a very famous and well respected maker in Sheffield, supposedly they were plauged by counterfeits which lead to the adding of "ART" to the George Butler Trinity Works mark.  

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