Sakai Kikumori 150mm Petty Nihonkou Carbon Steel

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150mm nihonkou carbon steel petty from Nihonkou series....

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150mm nihonkou carbon steel petty from Nihonkou series.

Nihonkou knives are very reasonably priced factory made carbon steel knives with a carbon content of .95% carbon content hardened to approx 63 HRC. Nihonkou knives are super easy to sharpen and get a nice edge that holds a decent length of time. They are not stainless so care must be taken to avoid rust; wipe dry during heavy use and or after washing (soap is OK, avoid using the abrasive side of sponge if possible) always keep knife from soaking and dishwashers.

Sakai Kikumori was started in 1926 and draws on Sakai's 600 year history as the major center of traditional Japanese cutlery manufacture. Sakai Kikumori works with a large variety of Sakai's smiths, sharpeners and small factories to offer a wide variety of knives ranging from traditional materials and styles (single bevel yanagiba, usuba, deba etc.) to more modern western influenced styles and materials.

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