Ohishi 270mm Gyuto Aogami Super

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Stainless clad, carbon steel core gyuto (chef), 270mm blade, overall 395mm, height at heel 56mm, 276 grams...

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Ohishi 270mm gyuto knife. Aogami Super steel core with stainless cladding. Riveted western style micarta handle. HRC 63-64. 270mm blade, overall 395mm, height at heel 56mm, 276 grams

Ohishi Aogami series are factory forged, hand ground, three layered san mai blades with western handles. The blade faces are ground slightly convex, reducing sticking and friction during use and facilitating easy thinning of the sides. They are forged with a softer stainless cladding and a hard carbon steel center, hardened to 63-64 HRC.  Aogami super, or super blue steel, is a steel made by Hitachi that is formulated to retain long edge life. Where other steels become rounded as they dull, aogami super maintains an aggressive, micro-chipped edge, giving them awesome edge life.

Aogami super has a certain degree of rust resistance due to it’s chromium content. However, it should be mentioned that extra care is required, as the core is not stainless and should be dried immediately after use.  It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

Ohishi knives are designed with the busy professional in mind, offering a variety of different steel and handle types and quality grinds, fit and finish.

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