Ohishi 180mm Wa-Gyuto Aogami #2 Nashiji

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Stainless Clad #2 Aogami Hand forged in Sanjo City Niigata for Ohishi. These knives have a core of #2 aogami aka blue steel clad with stainless steel and fitted with a traditional Japanese style D shaped handle made of red ebony and a composite wood ferru...

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Hand forged with a stainless cladding and an aogami #2 core. Aogami #2 is the lowest carbon content of the aogami steels, it is often the toughest but with the shortest edge life. However keep in mind that aogami steels are designed for edge life so even #2 has a good long cutting duration.

These knives hold a toothy edge for a long period of time, a great inexpensive work-horse. The aogami core is not stainless (for a non-stainless steel it does rust slowly) and as care should taken to avoid rust; no soaking or leaving food on.

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