Ohishi #1000/#6000 Medium & Fine Grit Combination Whetstone

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A combination stone with medium hard 1,000 grit on one side and a 6,000 fine grit on the reverse....

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A combination stone with medium hard 1,000 grit on one side and a 6,000 fine grit on the reverse.  It offers the smooth glide of a muddy stone without wearing quickly or shedding grit everywhere. The scratches left from the mix of natural and synthetic abrasives are relatively shallow and finish easily. This is a great starting point for most double bevel knives as it’s a medium and fine stone all-in-one, which makes this stone ideal for individual work or having compact stone library.

A medium hard 1,000 grit with a dense abrasive clay matrix, resulting in smooth cutting and a fine scratch pattern.  

This stone works somewhat slower than other harder ceramic stones on high alloy content stainless steels without slurry, but cuts faster with some pre-made slurry at the start. When sharpening wear resistant steels with this stone use your stone flattener to generate some slurry. The Ohishi 1000 provides excellent cutting on Japanese single bevel with the same slurry technique.

The Ohishi 6,000 grit on reverse side gives a bright toothy fine finish with it's mix of natural and synthetic abrasives.  Best results are had with a nagura stone to condition the surface of the finish stone and speed polishing.

Ohishi series stones are made by Imanishi in Kyoto for Akifusa.  They are formulated to work on a wide variety of steels and knife types; they are harder and denser than the older style 'muddy' synthetic stones, yet softer and more yielding than some of the harder ceramic stones. Ohishi stones are made with 100% Japanese abrasives; a mix of natural and synthetic.  They work best if soaked for several hours, despite other sellers claims. These are used regularly by our shops busy sharpening service.

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