Mutsumi Hinoura 240mm Wa-Gyuto Aogami Super

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Hand forged in Sanjo City Niigata by Mutsumi Hinoura, son of master smith Tsukasa Hinoura. Blade is a stainless clad aogami super (AKA super blue steel) with a black kurouchi finish (a dark carbon coating from the heat treatment forge) with a red ebony handle. These knives are ground with a wide primary bevel which provides a platform to thin the blade during sharpening, a robust knife capable of heavy work as well as precise cuts. 

These hand forged stainless clad aogami super knives hold their peak sharpness a long time and cut aggressively as they dull; where other steels become rounded as they dull aogami super maintains an agressive micro chipped edge giving it one of the best cutting durations. It should be mentioned that extra care is required as the core is not stainless. That said it is far easier to care for than an all carbon steel knife with it’s stainless cladding and agouti super has a certain degree of rust resistance due to it’s chromium content, these are suitable for busy professionals or home cooks.

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