Konosuke Sanjo GS+ 240mm Wa-Gyuto SLD Chestnut OCT W Saya

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235mm cutting edge, 2mm thick, 392mm overall, 124 grams...

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Konosuke GS+ series knives are a three layer san mai forged blade with a stainless cladding and a semi-stainless/stainless SLD core with a chestnut handle. The GS+ series are slightly harder than the previous GS series and have thinner grinds behind the edges. SLD steel is an improved SKD11 steel most commonly used in tap and die tools and metal stamping dies. It is designed to stay tough when treated hard and to retain its workability at a high hardness as well. For knife making this translates to a very long lived tough edge with near stainless or stainless properties; it holds an edge well and even cuts well as it dulls. These knives are very thin with a hand ground convexity on the face of the blade making for good cutting. 

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