Kitaoka 210mm Mioroshi Aogami #2 Kurouchi

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210 Mioroshi Deba...

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Third generation bladesmith Hideo Kitaoka specializes in single bevel knives from his workshop in Takefu Japan where he has been making knives for over 30 years. These are forged with an Aogami #2 hagane and an iron and mild steel suminagashi pattern and welded damascus cladding.  Kitaoka hardens his knives to 63/64, Aogami is known for its long cutting edge.

Aogami steel has a certain degree of rust resistance due to it’s chromium content.  However, it should be mentioned that extra care is required, as the cladding and core are not stainless and should be dried immediately after use.  It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

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