K Sabatier Vintage 8" Chef 'Plate Semelle' Carbon

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New old-stock carbon steel 8" 'Plat du semelle' chef knife with walnut handle and rosette rivets....

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Unused from the 1950's, these 8" chef knives were the bargain knives of their day and were not forged like the other earlier plat du semelle knives that bear the same name. Easy to sharpen, thin and handsome, but not super long-lived edges. A long-gone style of knife available here, unused!

Thiers, France at the Aine & Perrier Sabatier works. Aine & Perrier Sabatier (aka K Sabatier) has remained a family-run business since its inception in the 1830's. The registered K trademark was recorded in 1834, making them arguably the oldest of the many Sabatier companies.

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