K Sabatier 'New Vintage' 10" Slicer Plat du Semelle Carbon

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Unused from the 1950's these were the working class knives of their day, forged but not with a bolster like earlier knives that also bear the name 'plat du semelle'. Easy to sharpen, thin, and tough . A long-gone style of knife available here unused....

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The old Sabatier wood handled plat du semele knives were hand forged in the 1950's in Thiers France on water powered martinet trip hammers and ground on water powered stone wheels. This style of forging is very old and the origins of the bolster can be seen in the bulge at the beginning of the tang/end of heel. As the blade is forged it is flipped around to forge the tang which leaves a thicker area. This would often be forged down and ground off but at one point it became a indicator of quality work by forging it thicker and then grinding it into a graceful shape. These hand forged plat du semelle were the high quality line of slightly less expensive work knives.

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