K Sabatier 250mm 10" 'Boucher' Rosewood Carbon Steel

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Carbon steel and rosewood boucher butcher knife made in Thiers, France....

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French Boucher butcher knives are used similarly to a scimitar or bullnose butcher knives; large cuts, slicing chops and steaks. The design of this knife dates back to the middle ages and has largely held on in southern Europe and France.

Thiers, France at the Aine & Perrier Sabatier works. Aine & Perrier Sabatier (aka K Sabatier) has remained a family run business since its inception in the 1830's. The registered K trademark was recorded in 1834, making them arguably the oldest of the many Sabatier companies.

Due to new international CITES restrictions, effective Jan 2, 2017, we are unable to offer international shipping for knives handled with all Dalbergia species (rosewood) and some other newly listed restricted woods including Bubinga. Domestic USA shipments are allowed, but due to the restrictions on importing these, we will not be re-stocking these knives in the future. 

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