K Sabatier 10" Butcher's Leaf Cleaver Carbon Steel n 22

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Classic French style butcher knife made by K Sabatier in Thiers France. A large thin bladed cleaver that is used to finish cuts where joints need separation. 10" carbon steel blade Boxwood Handle....

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Not stainless so care must be taken to avoid rust; wipe dry during heavy use and or after washing (soap is OK, avoid using the abrasive side of sponge if possible) always avoid dishwashers and soaking.

Thiers France at the Aine & Perrier Sabatier works. Aine & Perrier Sabatier (aka K Sabatier) has remained a family run business since its inception in the 1830's. The registered K trademark was recorded in 1834 making them arguably the oldest of the many Sabatier companies.

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