INTEDGE 12" Bullnose Rosewood Vintage UNUSED

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Vintage unused carbon steel bullnose scimitar knife marked INTEDGE (a reseller brand)...

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Warehoused in 1954, these have sat unused and have been lightly cleaned and sharpened by us so they are ready to go to work! We are 99% certain these are made by Foster Bros; it is identical to a Foster Bros pattern that is very uncommon. These have a curve to the blade not typically found in bullnose knives. The curved blade is better for cutting steaks and chops, but retains the utility of the bullnose tip. These older carbon steel knives are great, compared to new, commonly used stainless steel butcher knives. The extra care needed to avoid rust (clean and dry after use, no soaking) is far outweighed by the superior performance and easy sharpening of these old carbon steel knives.

Due to new international CITES restrictions, effective Jan 2, 2017, we are unable to offer international shipping for knives handled with all Dalbergia species (rosewood) and some other newly listed restricted woods including Bubinga. Domestic USA shipments are allowed, but due to the restrictions on importing these, we will not be re-stocking these knives in the future. 

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