Fujiwara Aogami Super 210mm Gyuto Western

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210mm gyuto in aogami super and stainless cladding with western pakka wood handle....

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210mm gyuto in aogami super and stainless cladding with western pakka wood handle.

Hand-forged by fourth generation sword smith Teruyasu Fujiwara; a kurochi finished hammermarked stainless cladding over aogami super (super blue steel). Fujiwara-San's aogami takes an incredibly fine edge for blue steel, holds some of the best sharpness, and is easy to bring back with the proper stones. These knives are hardened to 65-66 HRC, which makes for long edge life, but does not tolerate mistreatment.  Since they're forged with a wide, kiriba primary bevel, they allow for easy thinning down the road.  These knives are suitable for a busy professional or home cook looking for the best edge retention.

Teruyasu Fujiwara is the 4th successor of a family sword making business 140 years old. Fujiwara knives are made with western or Japanese handles in stainless clad carbon steels of exceptionally high carbon and hardness: #1 shirogami (white steel) or aogami super. Skilled hand-forging and heat treatments make for amazing cutting and edge life without being difficult to sharpen.  Their exceptional hardnesses, however, demand good knife skills, chips will occur with mistreatment. 

Aogami is a reactive carbon steel.  It should be mentioned that extra care is required, as the core is not stainless and should be dried immediately after use. It will develop a dark patina with usage, but any orange rust should be removed with a light abrasive.

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