Dexter Russell 12" Honing Steel Medium Cut Wood Handle

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Dexter Russell 12" medium-cut honing steel with turned wood handle and ring. Made in U.S.A. 491grams, 45cm overall length....

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12" medium-cut honing steel for Western knives, wood handle with ring.

This steel from Dexter Russell is ideal for non-Japanese stainless steel and carbon steel. A medium cut will leave a finer tooth on the edge, removing less metal in the process and dulling slower.  This steel is not for sharpening dull knives, but rather is best suited for upkeep of a sharp edge.

Founded in 1818, as the Harrington Cutlery Company, and merging with the John Russell Cutlery Company in 1834, Dexter-Russell is the largest and oldest U.S. knife maker still doing business today. They continue to make a large selection of old-school carbon steel butcher knives and tools, as well as the ubiquitous white handled kitchen standbys. They are located in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

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