Yoshikazu Ikeda 270mm Gyuto Moon & Fuji Hamon Honyaki Oil Quench Shirogami #3 Ebony with Bone Spacer

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285 grams, 426mm approx. overall, 264mm cutting edge, 51mm height at heel
Master craftsman Yoshikazu Ikeda differentially heat treated single steel “honyaki” (true forged) from Sakai-City Osaka. Yoshikazu Ikeda’s honyaki blades are a single piece of whit...

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Yoshikazu Ikeda is one of the finest smiths in Sakai, we hesitate to use superlatives like best or finest as they can become easlily meaningless if overused. Ikeda-san has been making knives and swords for over 40 years since his early 20's, Ikeda-san became officially recognized as a dentoukougeishi; a traditional craftsman officially recognized by the Japanese government and since 2001 has been the chairman of the association of dentoukougeishi. He forges knives for a select few brands as their top shelf knives, and we are honored to be able to get them in our shop made to order for us. 

White steel is a very fine grained carbon steel made from a very low contaminate iron loved for it's ease of sharpening and ability to take a very fine razor sharp edge. White steel is a favorite of sushi chefs for knives in which a very fine finish is essential. Not the easiest steel to forge and temper properly, white steel done well is a testimony to a smith's skill. White steel is fairly reactive and requires care to avoid rust.


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