Yoshikane 240mm Gyuto Bubinga WEST SLD Suminagashi

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Yoshikane SLD core gyuto with custom handle by Edro approx 250 grams, 380mm approx. overall, 249mm cutting edge, 51mm height at heel
Sorry, no International shipping as Dalbergia species woods are prohibited from International trade....

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Yoshikane's hand-forged and excellently heat-treated SLD series bring out some of the best performance from this steel: great cutting feel, good sharpen-ability, and excellent edge life. SLD ranges from 12-13% chromium content, right on the stainless / non-stainless boundary. It has excellent toughness, hardened to 64 HRC, and can be ground very thin without becoming chippy. In our opinion, these are some of the best nearly-stainless hand-forged knives. They are ideal for the professional or home cook who is looking for a great workhorse, long edge life, and easy sharpen-ability.

Yoshikane operates a small, family run forge in Sanjo, Niigata and has been making kitchen knives since 1919. They deserve their good reputation for excellent forging and heat treatments, which make for easy sharpening and great edge life for both single and double bevel knives. This is especially true about the thin grinds provided on double bevel knives. For a middle weight Japanese knives, they cut like a much thinner blade.

EDRO Made is based in Portland, OR. Founder Ed Ross spent years as a chef working with Japanese cuisine and culture. He started making saya and knife handles for friends in the food industry and developed a passion for wood working. EDRO Made is focused on creating thoughtfully designed products for kitchen folk, both professional and amateur, who realize that their tools are an extension of themselves.  

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