Bernal Cutlery / Konosuke GS+ Ko-Sabaki Butcher's Petty SLD & Chestnut

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52 grams 138mm blade with 140x20x15mm chestnut handle...

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Bernal Cutlery designed butcher's petty assembled at Bernal Cutlery with materials designed and sourced by Konosuke. Made to pick up where a traditional honesuki maru leaves off, great for trimming, seaming and working around silverskin. The thin light blade is designed not to snag and the large octagonal chestnut wood handle provides a secure grip and resists odors and bacteria. GS+ SLD is a semi-stainless steel which offers the cutting feel, sharpening and edge life of a good carbon steel without the problems that go along with a reactive carbon steel. Care for it like carbon but it will not interact with food or rust like carbon. The blade is Konosuke GS series; a three-layer blade with a stainless cladding and an SLD core. SLD is a semi-stainless (right on chromium content boundary between stainless and carbon) which has an excellent edge life and toughness and cuts well as it dulls similar to blue steels. 

While this blade is tougher than the average petty care must be taken not to twist or pry with it, it can bend easier than a typical boning knife. 

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