Ashi Hamono 270mm Sujihiki WEST Swedish Stainless / Valentines Bigfaka Sale 15% Off

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172 grams, 405mm approx. overall, 275mm cutting edge, 37mm height at heel...

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Ashi Hamono was established in 1948 in Sakai City Japan, a major center of traditional knife making. Ashi makes knives utilizing a one piece (rather than forge laminated 2/3 layer blade) or zenkou construction. Ashi’s Ginga line is famous for it’s thinness and precision, utilizing top quality Japanese carbon steel and Swedish stainless steel. Ashi knives have an excellent attention to detail from their grinding, heat treatment and hafting. Wa handle or, Japanese style handle, is a one piece octagonal Japanese magnolia Ho wood handle with a horn ferrule ring for added strength.

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