2nd Hand Tojiro 270mm Sujihiki 'DP' VG-10

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Very lightly used second hand 270mm sujihiki made by Tojiro.

235 grams, 398mm approx. overall, 265mm cutting edge, 38mm height at heel...

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Tojiro's DP series presents a three layered blade (two for the honesuki kaku).  VG-10 stainless steel is the cutting edge at the core, and it is clad with stainless.  A great heavy-use work horse, VG-10 is typically not our favorite steel to sharpen due to the wear-resistance from it's cobalt content.  However, it commands long edge life and is fairly low maintenance.  The handles are made of black stamina wood; which is an extremely stable material fabricated with resin-impregnated wood veneers that have been compressed under high heat.

Tojiro was founded in 1953 in Niigata and have been making affordable, high-quality knives ever since. They are one of the largest knife makers in Japan. They utilize a variety of steels in their knives, including Hitachi’s Aogami and Shirogami carbon steels, the ever popular VG-10 stainless, and R-2 powder steel. Both traditional Japanese knives and Western style double bevel knives are available. 

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