15% off TESTER Yoshikazu Ikeda Suminagashi 150mm Petty Aogami #1 Octagonal Ebony & Bone Spacer

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Master craftsman Yoshikazu Ikeda blue #1 with suminagashi cladding from Sakai-City Osaka. Yoshikazu Ikeda's blue #1 knives sharpen super easily to a very fine edge and hold that edge very nicely. The cladding is an iron and mild steel handforged in a sumi...

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Yoshikazu Ikeda is one of the finest smiths in Sakai, we hesitate to use superlatives like best or finest as they can become easlily meaningless if overused. Ikeda-san has been making knives and swords for over 40 years since his early 20's, Ikeda-san became officially recognized as a dento-kougeishi; a traditional craftsman officially recognized by the Japanese government and since 2001 has been the chairman of the association of dento-kougeishi. He forges knives for a select few brands as their top shelf knives, and we are honored to be able to get them in our shop made to order for us. 


Ikeda-san's blades have an amazing and very difficult to combine combination of easy fine edge formation, edge retention and toughness; even great smiths have a hard time getting all three.

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